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The global etching equipment market is highly concentrated, and overseas leaders have strong independent research and development capabilities

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The global semiconductor equipment market is highly concentrated, and the five giants in the United States, Japan and Europe lead the global semiconductor equipment market. According to Bloomberg data, the top five semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world in 2017 were Applied Materials (AMAT), ASML (ASML), Lam Research (Lam Research), Dongjing Electronics (TLE), and Kelei (KLA). Semiconductor manufacturers accounted for more than 70% of the global semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry in 2017 with their leading technology and strong financial support. Among them, Asimer is the only company in lithography equipment. From 2013 to 2017, it has more than 18% of the global semiconductor equipment market share. With its monopoly in the high-end lithography machine market and continuous high R&D investment, Asimk maintains a high degree of market recognition in the equipment market. Parallel to this are the research and development of applied materials for other manufacturing process equipment and Ram research. The two companies have also maintained steady market share growth in the past five years. Applied Materials has a comprehensive and stable performance in its strong areas, and has always occupied the top three positions in semiconductor equipment sales.

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