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Good news for China’s semiconductor industry: total investment in the first 7 months exceeded 60 billion

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In recent years, the investment boom in the global semiconductor industry is in full swing, and my country’s domestic capital is the mainstream in this wave; whether in the primary or secondary markets, "semiconductors" have gradually moved from professional terms to "popularization." . According to the latest statistics of Yunxiu Capital, in the first 7 months of this year, there were 128 semiconductor equity investment cases, with a total investment of more than 60 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 200%.

Yunxiu Capital Zhao Zhanxiang pointed out that although the primary market’s fundraising and investment in the first half of this year have basically dropped by about 30%, it has shown a good growth momentum in the Chinese semiconductor field, and the investment this year is expected to be more than three times that of last year. , It is estimated that the investment in semiconductors in the entire Chinese market will exceed 100 billion yuan.

This phenomenon also means that the vigorous development of my country’s semiconductor industry is providing domestic companies with excellent market opportunities. The report pointed out that the current localization rate of my country's semiconductor equipment materials is less than 5%. In the four major links of semiconductor design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing, IC chip design companies are still the focus of semiconductor investment this year.

In addition, the layout of domestic leading companies such as Huawei is shifting to the country, accelerating domestic substitution from semiconductor equipment and materials, EDA, etc. This means that this field has unlimited potential and huge investment opportunities.

Not only investors are optimistic, the semiconductor industry is also an emerging industry that the state encourages and supports. According to the China Securities Journal, the fund-raising work of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund has been completed, with a scale of about 200 billion yuan. According to a 1:3 leveraging ratio, the scale of social funds will be about 600 billion yuan. In addition, my country's relevant departments also issued relevant incentive policies on August 4, stipulating that some integrated circuit manufacturers can be exempted from taxes and fees for up to 10 years.

Nowadays, with a number of positives, the investment heat wave of the entire domestic semiconductor industry is escalating, and the research and development of domestic semiconductor-related products is also constantly developing.

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