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In-depth analysis of the photovoltaic industry

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In recent years, photovoltaic industrialization technology has developed rapidly, with technological updates in all links. For example, cold hydrogenation technology in the polysilicon material link makes production raw materials through the recycling of by-products, which greatly reduces process energy consumption and cost; silicon wafer link diamond wire cutting replaces mortar line, reduces monolithic cost while increasing production capacity; cell link PERC technology reduces photoelectricity The thin grid line increases the effective light-receiving area of the cell and improves the power generation efficiency of the cell; the half-cell technology in the module link reduces the loss of blocked power, and the double-sided technology uses the back of the photovoltaic module to generate electricity to increase the power generation revenue of photovoltaic power plants. In addition, technologies or processes such as granular silicon technology for polycrystalline silicon, HJT, IBC, and black silicon for solar cells, are constantly updating the production processes of existing production lines. The technological innovation of the photovoltaic industry is in an unprecedented stage of rapid development.

New technologies and new processes bring about lower production capacity construction costs, higher production efficiency, and better product performance. We observe the price of photovoltaic modules, the end product of the photovoltaic industry, from 3.85 yuan/W at the beginning of 2015 to 1.51 US dollars/W at the end of 2018. The price before and after has fallen by more than 60%: The reason why the price of photovoltaic modules can have such a decline is the industrialization of new technologies The cost reduction and efficiency enhancement brought by it are indispensable. Due to the increasing market demand, the continuous decline in prices, the continuous accumulation of new technologies and new processes, the photovoltaic industry has undergone multiple rounds of capacity expansion in various links of the industrial chain in the past ten years. We believe that the upgrading of industrial technology has played an important role in catalyzing effect.

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